Thursday, January 15, 2015

A brush with fame

OK, so I am not famous and probably never will be, unless I save a batch of puppies from a burning building.  Just the same, it's not what you know, it's who you know.  President Obama recently nominated a Park City local to join the Fed.  Al Landon probably got this nomination because he was the head of Bank of Hawaii, but I would like to think it was also due to his participation in my year long Park City Leadership class a few years ago.  Al and his wife Sue had a condo here in our April Mountain neighborhood for a few years.

Al is a great guy and serves on the boards of PBS and the Smithsonian.  I hope his nomination goes more smoothly than the majority of Obama's judge nominations. 

My microscopic role in the nomination was getting to be a part of his FBI background check for his security clearance.  Of course, they wouldn't tell me why he needed a clearance and I never would have guessed something this grand.  Glad I didn't make up any stories about lewd parties at his condo with drugs brought by the Cuban participants.  Security clearances could be a lot more fun if the people doing them had a sense of humor.

Go Al!
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