Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally some serious snow

We have been waiting for some serious snow this winter and we finally got some.  Over two days it dropped about 18" at the resorts and at least 10" here at the house.  We could definitely use another 2 or 3 of those storms to build up a better ski base.
Julie got to take care of Jasper when I was off in New Mexico.  He is a lot of work in normal circumstances, but this past week he had a torn toe nail.  It requires considerably less romping around, especially on hard ground.  Fortunately, deep snow on a grassy yard is a much nicer playground.
Our Raleigh friends, Norman and Ginny, are in town for some skiing.  Julie went out with them on Monday and we both joined them yesterday.   Once the clouds cleared, it was a spectacular day!
The clouds in the morning were incredible.  As best I can tell, they were all man made from snow blowing.  The cold air and lack of wind meant the "clouds" stayed low in the valley.  As the sun came up, we ended up with incredible sun dogs.  I grabbed this shot while walking Jasper.
Then I took this from the Deer Valley parking lot.  It looked like a big double rainbow, but each arch appeared to have solar wings attached.  I have never seen anything quite like it.
This is a terrible attempt at an iPhone closeup of the inner sun dog.  What looks like a grainy picture is actually the sparkles from the artificial snow flakes floating around.  I wish I could have captured it with my DSLR.

Now we are back to clear blue skies and temperatures reaching 40.  Nice for a few days of skiing, but I want some more snow.  The Sundance Film Festival starts next Thursday, and I always hope for a huge dump of snow while all the Southern Californians are here visiting.  Black skirts, fur coats, high heels, and a foot of slush make an incredible combination.

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