Thursday, January 01, 2015

Jasper in the cold

This past week we have been having some bitter cold.  Two days ago we awoke to -13 and during the day the temperatures soared to about 5.  This morning was balmy, starting at -5. Even in an area set up for cold and deep snows, this weather has frozen some pipes around town.

Most of us are bothered by this cold, especially if the wind kicks up, but here we have our exception.  Even at 11 years old, Jasper thinks he is an arctic sled dog.  He simply loves the snow and plays a lot harder than he ever does in the other seasons.
He can't do the endless sprints that he used to, but when he is at full speed he would be tough to beat.
He has a good vertical when it comes to snagging snowballs.
And some of those snowballs have to pay dearly.
And when we are all done, there is nothing like giving yourself a snow shower.  I cannot understand the apparent joy of sticking your face deep in the snow and mushing everything around, but it appears to be a great thing to do.

Over the next week, we are looking at temperatures getting back into the 30s, so life should get back to something closer to normal.

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