Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bark in the Park

Julie and I took Jasper to the Park City "Bark in the Park" festival. It was nicely attended, which isn't a surprise since about 50-75 percent of families in Park City have at least one dog. I would guess there were over 100 dogs and their humans in attendance. They had demos, booths and competitions.

In the first competition Jasper entered, he got a DNF (did not finish). It was a simple race from one line to another, but he didn't quite get the idea. He sprinted about 20 yards and then turned to play with the dog running next to him. Then he just ran around having fun, but never crossed the line. Oh well.

In his second and final competition, he got to play frisbee. At least this was something he completely understands. He focuses on the frisbee as though there aren't any other dogs around. He got third place with a very stylish catch! His prize was a dog dish and a plastic frisbee. I think what he really prefered was the froen peanut butter Kong he got when we went home.

Watching the dogs compete was entertaining. Numerous labs were entered in the frisbee contest, but most seemed too interested in sniffing dog butts or playing in the water. One standard poodle was able to sky for huge air, but just couldn't seem to time it right and never caught the frisbee. Oh well.

After the competition, Julie took Jasper off to the side and threw him some more frisbee to wear him out.

Speed and timing.

With fairly good air.

This is Jasper's first prize! Yeah dog!
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