Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fernane's visiting

Julie's mom, aunt and uncle have been here for a few busy days. We have caught the local's concert, the Utah Symphony, aerial ski jumping, the farmer's market, the Park Silly market, a round of golf, and dinner with friends. They even brought us some good luck. Yesterday we had our first measurable rain in 43 days. It was a good hard half inch! That's a lot for a desert environment.

Today was their last full day here. We ended with a gluttony fest up at Stein Erikson's. The buffet is hard to leave without eating 10 or 20 thousand calories. We made up for it with a big hike up Bald Mountain to take in the splendid views.

I lied. We really took the ski lift up and down Bald Mountain. The only calories we burned were walking back to the car.
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