Friday, October 03, 2008

An endless loop

Our dog Jasper is built like a runner. Here is a picture of him back in the winter.

So, part of our job is to make sure the dog gets enough exercise so that he doesn't get bored and get into trouble. Mischief comes easy for a part Lab, part Border Collie.

This morning, Julie took Jasper on her early morning walk with some of the women in our neighborhood. Two laps around the 'hood is good for a bit less than 4 miles. Then I took him for a run, two more loops with an extra walking loop. Now he's done about 9 miles and we have just hit 10:00. On the way home, he stops to play chase for 5-10 minutes with a 1 year-old yellow lab.

We are thinking "Great, we wore him out". He seems to be thinking "This is awesome. I am getting more endurance every week!" By the end of November, we may have to have him chase the car to Durham each morning. Not sure how this ends....
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