Monday, October 27, 2008

Spiffin up the kitchen

We wanted to make our kitchen newer and nicer without spending a fortune or having a major remodel. Our house is 16 years old and the appliances were going. The counter tops were a mix of white tile and white formica. I hated both.

So, we took off the old counter tops and tore off the back splash. We pulled the appliances (except the fridge) but left all our nice cherry cabinets. Here is the chef.

We replaced our dishwasher, microwave and oven. The dishwasher isn't terribly exciting. The microwave is definitely a step up from what we had, but the cool new thing is the oven. Julie wanted a real double oven, but we don't have the room. She found a double oven in a single space. The top part is small, heats quickly, and is great for pizzas, appetizers, broiling things, ... The bottom is a full sized oven. The only thing you lose is the drawer for pans. Very nice!

This gives a better look at the granite. We both love the mix of colors.

I should have taken a before picture for comparison. The improvement is dramatic. Yeah!
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