Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seth Benson's wedding in Chicago

Julie and I went up to Chicago on Friday. We were there to see Bill and Loris Benson's son Seth get married. Bill and Loris are two of our best friends from Park City. As we landed in O'Hare airport and started for baggage claim, I saw something new: a place giving flu shots right there in the terminal. I guess that's something to do while waiting for your plane.

Our first stop was a dinner with Stuart and Laurie Jones. Julie met Stuart early in her IBM career and we have been close ever since. They have come to visit us in Beaufort and Park City. The picture I took at dinner was in poor light and looked terrible, so here they are at the coast a few years ago.

Below are Bill and Loris. They were kind enough to take some out of town guests out for some fun. We went to Second City, where so many of the famous SNL comedians got their start. It was great and almost too easy for the comics with an election in two weeks.

Here's Bill and Loris at the wedding.

The wedding and reception were held at the Palmer House. It's a gorgeous hotel and it was great being able to stay at the same place where the events were held.

I can't begin to capture all the architectural details, but they were everywhere.

Here are Seth and Jillian, shortly after becoming husband and wife. Jillian is one of the best female pole vaulters in the US. She just missed the summer Olympics by one qualifying spot.

This group is not one to stop a party early. After closing the reception, we wandered up to Bill and Loris's sweet suite. Here are our gorgeous dates hanging out on the couch. From lefft to right: Loris (Park City), Kathy (Park City), Julie (wife), Penny (California) and Kelly (California). The Benson's set of California friends were from the area where they lived and owned an orange grove.

Penny's husband Mark and Kathy's husband Jim. In Jim's defense, this was taken around 3:00 in the morning.

And now for something completely different. On Saturday morning, Jim Covaleski, Julie and I went out for breakfast. Jim found a place called Orange. They had a wonderfully different menu, so I took a picture of my dish: green eggs and ham. The green was from pesto and it was tasty!

On our last day in town we joined Jim and Kathy Covaleski for a wander around Chicago, doing some shopping, eating and a boat ride. The weather was perfect, as was the company.

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