Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another happy hike

Went for a hike with Julie today. We went up to almost 10,000 feet in elevation, where the flowers are still blooming. They were everywhere....

and every color.

This is the Solitude ski area in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

You can look through the Wasatch Mountains, all the way across the Salt Lake Valley, and see a distant mountain in the Oquirrh range.

Julie with a majestic background.

The trail we were hiking had lots of hikers and bikers today, even though to get to it you had to climb something known locally as Puke Hill. It's a steep access road with about a 900 foot gain.

Ignoring the crowds, a large bull moose had hunkered down in the aspens, only about 100 yards off the trail. Even at hiking speeds you had to look very close to notice a different shade of brown in the trees. In spite of Julie's angst, I walked down to get a better view and a picture of him. I watched very him carefully. As long as he didn't bother to stand up, I didn't have to bother to run screaming like a scared little girl.

The photo is with a 200mm lens. If you double click to see a bigger picture, you can see how fuzzy his new antlers are.

After our hike we treated ourselves to a Royal Street lunch, our first of the summer. Yummmmm!
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