Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smart man? Sissy boy?

As I have mentioned numerous times, I am running a lot to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon. As a side event, I have always admired the brutality of a local summer run in Park City called the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase.

You start at the base of the Park City Ski Resort and run eight miles up to the top of Jupiter Peak. Then you run back down. 3,000 feet vertical each way. I did my shortened but steeper version of this the other day. I figured I was in better shape to run this now than I have been in a long while, so what the heck? The race is next weekend, August 8th.

Jupiter is the tall one under the cloud.

The smart/sissy in me has decided to blow it off. I was talking to a very accomplished runner about my brilliant training plans. He told me I was being an idiot and that a run like that would cost me weeks of my marathon training.

OK, the marathon is a lot more important to me but if I really do run Boston next year, I should be in great shape to prance up Jupiter next August!
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