Saturday, July 11, 2009

A sad day

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day, although it was all expected.

Our dear friends, Bruce and Carol Kahn, and their two daughters Hilary and Hannah, packed up everything and moved to Australia. They moved to Townsville in Queensland, up in the northeastern corner of Australia. The Kahn's were an important part of our decision to come live in Park City. We met them about 20 years ago as part of our annual ski group. This is a huge adventure, packing up everything and heading off to a new country, new jobs, new schools,... At least they start with a strong language base. We will miss them, although they promise to find their way back occasionally.

My other news yesterday was about the Park City Planning Commission. On a lark, I decided to enter my name to the list of candidates. Three of the seats on the commission were coming up for reselection (mayor and city council) and one current member was definitely retiring. Got a very nice call yesterday from Dana Williams, Park City's mayor: "Thanks, but we went for more experience." That was exactly what I predicted, but at least I am starting to meet some of the people and perhaps I can find something useful to do to help the town.
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