Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having (or had) an excellent Thanksgiving. Julie and I had planned to head down to St George to celebrate her birthday, but we pulled the plug at the last minute. There was a big storm the night before we were driving down. There is snow forecast for the day we would drive back. The warm St George weather we were looking forward to was going to be 30 degrees below normal.

Here it looks more like Christmas than it normally does at Thanksgiving. The skiers are quite happy.

And even more than the skiers, Jasper is happy. We just don't understand his unstoppable desire to hang out in the snow. He has no body fat and this morning it was a frigid -8. That's about as cold as it ever gets here in Park City.

We went from bare ground to a couple of feet of snow over the last few days. It's time to switch from hiking to snowshoeing, at least until the snow settles and firms up.

With the temperatures so cold, the snow making is going full bore at all the resorts. Deer Valley was making its own cloud this morning.

I was hoping that the cold temperatures and low wind would result in some of the hoar frost I love to take pictures of. Not sure why, but there was only a tiny bit. Perhaps not enough moisture in the air.

The moose were hunkered down in the snow, waiting for the sun to warm things up. There are two in this picture and I eventually noticed a third higher up on the hill.

After about 5 days of snow and high winds, today is gorgeous. It would be nice if it would warm up a bit, but it is a lovely day for everyone to have Thanksgiving.
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