Monday, November 08, 2010

Park City Ski Swap

We did this last year, but I am still dumbfounded at how great an event this is. Every year, you can bring your ski crud, including skis, boards, boots, jackets, goggles, poles and whatever to be sold. You pick your price for each item. Too high and you are probably taking it home. Too low and you gave away some money.

It's a fund raiser for the Park City Ski Team. The keep 30 percent of all sales, and given the size of the event, that has to be serious bucks! Thousands of people come to shop.

This year Julie and I each sold a pair of skis we were done using. Each sold for $60, so after the ski team cut, we took home $84. We get a nice dinner for two and someone, somewhere, gets some decent skis for a whole lot less than a new pair.

Reuse is better than recycling, which is better than the trash can. Reuse that you get some cash for is the real deal!
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