Saturday, November 20, 2010

Packing things for Park City

As you go through your stuff in a house to move, you pack some, trash some, and donate some. The discoveries you make as you dig through old boxes can be quite interesting. One thing I found was a bag of change.

Ever used one of those Coin Star machines in the grocery store? Do you know how long it takes to feed the machine coins? How about 2,835 of them? To avoid paying the service charge, I took the option of getting an Amazon Gift Card. The total value was a whopping $41.42. I'll save you the math. 2,752 of the coins were pennies.

I have no idea when or where in my life I thought it was a good idea to put that many pennies in a bag and put the bag in the attic.

By the way, as I searched through Google Images to find a picture of a penny, I ran across lots of pictures of Rod Stewart's wife, Penny Lancaster. She looks a LOT better than Rod.
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