Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's almost spring

We all know there is a spring somewhere. It just isn't here, yet. We still haven't seen 60 degrees yet. Not even a brief pop. Last night we went with the Benson's to a great new restaurant called Silver. It's expensive but the food was excellent. On our way in, this was what Main Street looked like.

From dinner, we went to a play called the Park City Follies. It is a humorous, satirical look at life in Park City, focusing almost completely on events of the past year. It was great local entertainment, but here is what we came out to.

Alta got 20+ inches out of this storm. They normally get about 500 inches of snow per year. That seems like quite a bit to most of us. This year they are at 723 inches (a record) and have a 210 inches of snow as a base. Picture a 17 foot tall tree, covered completely in snow.

It was only 19 degrees here this morning, but the rumor is that we may see 60 by Thursday. Yeah!
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