Friday, April 29, 2011

Odd things we see

I love having a camera on my phone. You run across the oddest things and it is nice to be able to capture some of them.

On our first night back, we had to stop for some breakfast food. There was an entire display of fried pork rinds. I didn't know pigs came in so many flavors! We don't have this in Park City. Notice you can also get "fat back skins". Yum!

In complete contrast, we ventured over to the new Whole Foods at Strickland and Six Forks. It is a very nice, high end grocery store with a tendency to provide healthy food. I think they got carried away with these "organic baguettes". I am sure there is some way to explain how this is legitimately organic, but come on, processed white flour makes for white trash carbs.

Outside Salsa Fresh, on of my lunch haunts, I ran across the Jesus Saves / No Abortions mobile. It made for entertaining reading, but it looked like hell and you had to be about 3 feet away to read most of the stickers. Jesus needs a better marketing team on this one.

... and my favorite. I am sure the driver of the van in the picture above would refuse to order pizza from this delivery guy. I like their slogan.

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