Saturday, April 09, 2011

Spring skiing in Park City

After a week of skiing spring slush, a series of storms are now rolling through. Up on the mountains we had 15" of snow for yesterday's skiing, 9 more today, and they are calling for another foot or more by tomorrow morning. As much as I want spring to be here, this is some pretty damn good skiing.

It was tough to get pretty pictures with no sun and snow coming down, but it gives you an idea of what skiing was like at the Canyons yesterday. My "ski model" is Bill Benson. Sadly, Julie was working her last day over at Deer Valley and couldn't come out to play. She will be hitting the slopes this morning though.

The snow was quite a bit heavier at the bottom of the mountain, but up top it was about as fluffy as spring snow ever gets.

Off for another day! Deer Valley closes tomorrow and Park City and Canyons close next Sunday (the 17th).
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