Thursday, December 08, 2011

A bit of skiing

Julie and I wandered over to Canyons for a few hours of skiing this morning.  We are still short on early snow, but the runs that are open are quite nice.

Don't adjust your TV set.  This is really what it looks like when you are riding an Express Quad known as "the Orange Bubble".  Each chair has a drop-down shield to protect you from the wind and snow.  I'm not sure who decided on the orange color, but the lift is nice.

Julie, coming down Doc's Run.  She's been working out and lifting a lot over the past year and it shows with her skiing.  She's strong and comfortable.

Off she goes, but notice the brown hill behind her.  Anything facing south, like that hill is, is holding very little snow.
I'm actually enjoying the slower start as an opportunity to break in the ski boots I bought this summer.  Summer sales equals 50% off!
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