Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas lights

Jasper and I went out last night to try and take pictures of Christmas lights. Mostly it was a bust.  It turns out that trying to capture their beauty was very hard. I need to go search the Internet for some photography techniques, but the vast differences between the bright lights and the pitch black gave me too many pictures like this one. Just not very interesting.
I think these two deer felt sorry for us so they wandered into the picture. Their buddy was across the street watching me the entire time. It's odd  how all these animals are wandering so close at night, and yet we rarely know they are there.
Then we drove down to Main Street. I was hoping the Christmas decorations and lights would look better with all the other street lighting. No such luck. While the idea was a good one, the Christmas lights on Main Street look crappy.  Must be the recession.

But thankfully there was the Wahso restaurant. They had taken their Asian style and mixed with with some Christmas lighting.
Jasper stayed in the car while I went up to find some pictures.  Each light ball had lots of character.
But when you started looking through all of them you could imagine the stars and the planets.
For this one I was laying on my back on a set of stairs from the street.  The tourists walking by must have thought this was a bit unusual, but Park City is known for being quirky.
This one was my favorite.  The reflections in the glass make it seem to go on forever.  What you can't really see is that there are people behind the glass eating.  I wonder if they thought I was taking pictures of them?
Thanks to Wahso for making our evening's photography adventure a little bit of a success.  If Wednesday night's little snow storm comes as predicted, then I should be able to find some new Christmas shots.
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