Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome to the crustaceans

I received my new pair of gloves  mittens hand warmth devices. What exactly do you call these?  The thumb and pointer fingers are separate, giving you dexterity, but the other three fingers are together mitten style, for warmth. The most common name seems to be Lobster Claws.  This is the first pair I have had of these, so it should make for an interesting test on the mountains.
These gloves are made by Hefstra and if you take good care of them, they last a very long time. Other than a quality glove, what do you get with your purchase? A free carabiner! However, apparently it isn't high quality because they warn you not to use it for rock climbing.
OK, maybe it isn't just the quality, but perhaps the size. That's my pinkie as a reference point.
Do they really have a lot of problems with people using a cheap, tiny carabiner to go climbing? I'm not even sure a climbing rope would fit in there.  Shouldn't we just let Darwin's principles work their magic?
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