Friday, December 30, 2011

Finding your movies

My mom sent me a NY Times article about some technology successes from 2011.  Most I was very familiar with, but I discovered one new one I wanted to share.

When you know you want to see a particular movie, how do you find it?  It is currently showing somewhere close?  Is it available through your cable company's On-Demand service?  What about Netflix DVDs or streaming?  Amazon? Redbox?  It could be quite a pain to hunt through all those options?

The solution?   Watch It at  When you first set up your free account, you tell it what services you care about.  For instance, we get Netflix streaming, but not the DVDs in the mail.  Then you just enter a movie's name and it comes back and tells you what all your options are.  If it isn't where you want it to be, you can set up an alert, like "tell me when this movie is available through Redbox."

Pretty cool.  The Internet continues to be getting more and more useful.
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