Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first time lapse effort

I decided to learn a new photography skill today, time lapse. It took me two tries and some education on the PC, but here is what I ended up with.  This trial is quite boring.  There's no music,  I edited it oddly and it ends abruptly.  But I did learn a lot!

If you click on the little YouTube icon, you can watch it in HD.

To do this, I...
  • Shot about 1000 photos, one every 5 seconds.  Thank goodness this is very, very easy to automate on my camera. Unfortunately, the 40+ mph winds we were having kept blowing the camera around, even using a very strong tripod with a full ski boot hanging from it for ballast.
  • Loaded them into Lightroom on my laptop
  • Edited the pictures and the movement using Lightroom and a tool called LRtimelapse
  • Waited what felt like a day for Lightroom to spit out the results
It's a long, slow process and my hope is that after trying a few more time lapse series, I won't have to iterate as often.

Now I am building a long list of interesting time lapse subjects.
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