Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nikon D800

The nice folks over at Nikon Rumors have posted a photo taken with the brand new high-resolution Nikon D800. This camera is priced at the low end of the pro market ($3000) but has 36M pixel resolution, which is way past film and more like a Medium Format camera.

The picture is stunning.  Look in the eye of the bird and you can see the reflection of the photographer shooting the picture.

Now the wild part.  Look at what portion of the photo that is. This redefines anything I have every considered for detail.

Additional, although less dramatic D800 photos are also part of Nikon Rumors' blog entry.  You can see the original full resolution picture here.  It's interesting but a bit hard to navigate around that size.

This camera is aimed at studio and landscape photographers that want to develop very large prints.  My poor laptop starts smoking every time I try to pull a few hundred RAW photos into Lightroom.  If the photos were each 36M pixels, I am certain I would need a Cray supercomputer.
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