Friday, March 02, 2012

A nice day on the slopes

We've received about 30" of snow over the past four days.  The storms have gone and now we have some lovely sunshine. Julie and I went over to Canyons for some powder. It finally feels like a Utah winter again.
Most, but not all, of the little trees and rocks are covered up, making life a lot safer for your skis.
But for some people, fresh powder doesn't mean crap unless you are the first ones to ski through it.  So, after skiing up all the fresh snow on the runs, you head to the trees.  After the trees, you start to hike.  Ski Patrol finished bombing Murdock Peak and dropped the rope.  Immediately people started up the very steep hike to ski some fresh.

To get any real idea of the hike, double click on the picture and then check out the tiny people in the top right corner.  Notice that the top of the hike isn't in the picture yet.  The face they are climbing is a double black ski run.
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