Saturday, January 12, 2013

How bad do you want it?

We finally got another nice batch of snow with about a foot at our local Park City resorts.  Julie and I skied yesterday it it was decent, but cold.  This morning at 8:30 it is -6 over on the ski mountain.  Yes, that's Fahrenheit, not Centigrade.  Over the next three days, the temperatures should soar to as high as 7 and dip to around 10 below. This is about 20 degrees below our normal.

So the question is:  with the skiing conditions improved, how bad do you want it?  Me, I am staying at home and watching the NCSU-Duke basketball game. Later in the day I will venture out to get my new Blizzak snow tires put on. 

However, there is not doubt that Jasper wants it. After fetching snowballs for about 15 or 20 minutes, he was crusted with snow and ice.
... and as if that wasn't enough, he kept digging around in the snow in search of something, probably mice or voles.
To all those skiers out there today, dress warm.  Very warm.  And to all those Park City snow loving dogs, party on!

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