Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning moose

This morning it was 8 degrees below zero at the house.  That's cold!  I looked up on the hill behind us and saw our herd of deer.  There's about eight of them that show up almost every day.  They like to stand at the very top and watch Jasper play ball in the morning. 
Then I noticed the two bigger black splotches on the hill.  It was a pair of moose, and we haven't seen them very often this year.
Because it is so cold out, I figure the animals are struggling to survive, so I don't want to get too close to them with my camera and risk startling them.  Instead I just patiently waited with my big lens and very cold hands, hoping they would move out of the Gamble Oaks and into a gap where I could see them.  Then I cropped the photo down pretty aggressively. 

Even though I am probably 150 yards from this moose, it appears he decided to stick his tongue out at me.
The two moose got separated as they each wandered off in different directions to eat.  Once this one realized how far apart they were, she came running.  I believe this is mom and the one above is a one year old.
It really is cool to get to see these wandering around in your back yard.  I can't imagine being an animal having to live outside in this weather. Our forecast high for today is 11.
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