Sunday, January 06, 2013

Kelly Smale comes to visit

Julie's sister Sue lives up in Hillsboro, Oregon.  As the years have gone by, it has been getting harder for us to see the whole family all at once.  Two of the daughters are in college and GM has Marty down in Fresno a lot of the time.  This week we got a visit from the oldest of our nieces, Kelly.

Kelly and Sue are the only snow lovers in the family.  Sue is a skier and Kelly is a boarder. We went out two of the three days Kelly was here, both times to Canyons.
We had some great snow in December, but it stopped around Christmas day.  It has been very cold since, so the snow isn't melting or sloppy, but it sure gets packed down. For advanced skiers, this is just a nuisance. For Kelly, as a boarder who only gets to go once a year or so, this makes everything harder and more tiring.
Snowboarders will never cease to entertain me.  They have such a hard time standing up without moving, that most chose to plop down on the snow every time they stop.  Kelly was no exception.
I keep thinking I will get a GoPro video camera, but for a number of reasons it still hasn't happened.  Instead, I take my little Canon S100 and hold it in front of me as I ski.  This sucks.  You have to take your glove off to control the camera, so as you ski along, your hand freezes. It's also difficult to keep aiming the camera as you ski.  At least in this clip I wasn't having to dodge ski school groups of kids.  Those videos got ugly.

This wasn't Kelly's rented board.  It belonged to another boarder that just happened to kneel down near me.  I love the rabid moose graphic on the bottom of his board.  I would gladly have it on a pair of my skis.
The weather was beautiful, the company was great, and Julie was very happy.
One last photo before Kelly headed to the airport.She's wearing some stylish new boots that she and Julie found at our local outlet mall.  They should be great for her at college.  Kelly goes to Gonzaga in western Washington where hey get their fair share of cold and snow.
Kelly, thanks for being such a fun, interesting and easy house guest.

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