Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April Snow

The weathermen are hilarious.  As late as 10:00 last night, they were saying that the mountains might see an inch or two of snow. This morning we wake up with 8" at the house and 14" on the mountain.  Just how wrong can they be?  At least it was in the right direction this time.

When the snow clumps up in the trees like this, you know it is very wet.  While that isn't very good for skiing (we love dry Utah powder) it was certainly useful to help get some more water up in the mountains.  This summer is going to be DRY and we could use every bit of snow and rain.
The snow must have come down very late in the morning because Deer Valley, who normally grooms every flake of snow they can find, left some Blue runs ungroomed.  For those who know the mountain, this is Hidden Treasure.  I was getting a nice line but the snow was so heavy that as I got to the more gradual areas, I almost ground to a halt.  I had to go find steeper terrain.
But when you got to the top, where the temps were the coldest, the snow was still very heavy and visibility dropped to about 30 feet.  As well as I know Deer Valley, I could barely find the runs I was looking for.
So, it wasn't the big powder day we all hope for, but that much heavy snow gives the resorts a little more to play with.  They all close in a little under two weeks and could use every bit of help between now and then.
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