Saturday, April 27, 2013

Skiing has ended

The resorts all closed down two weeks ago and the snow conditions weren't going to support them staying open much longer anyway.  Even so, the views of the mountain snow are still gorgeous, and almost inviting for some hiking to ski one run.  Then you remember that it will be almost 70 here today and you might get caught up in a torrent of melting snow.

For those who know the area, this is Jupiter Peak.  You can see the little guard shack up near the top.
These are the tops of the Crescent and Silverlode lifts over at PCMR.  It seems like riding up the lifts would be absolutely spectacular, but it's just a bit of an optical illusion.  Probably looks a lot more interesting from my deck, where I took this picture.
These are the Sterling, Wasatch and Sultan lifts over at Deer Valley.  Hopefully we will get in some nice hikes to this peak during the summer.  Our main motivation is that when we are done hiking we are "allowed" to get a hamburger at Royal Street.  These are definitely the best burgers in Park City!
Closer to the bottom of Deer Valley you can do a run of slush bumps.  My lens doesn't show it, but there is actually a lot of exposed dirt and rock in there.  I have always said that the moguls look easier and better from the chairlift.  They look even better from a mile away!
Now I am heading outside to partake in spring.  Maybe hit a bucket of balls at the driving range.  Then doing some weeding and clipping before anything gets the idea that it is time to start growing.

The big news is that this afternoon I get to go pick up Julie at the airport.  It will be nice to have her back in Park City again!

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