Friday, April 12, 2013

Our last day of the ski year

Things worked out well for a relaxed, sunny last day on the slopes.  The 18" of snow we got earlier this week did great things for the snow conditions, but the warm weather made any bump runs a hazard.  Julie and I ventured over to Deer Valley and did a few hours of very pleasant groomer runs.  We always get a bit paranoid on the last ski day of the year.  No one wants to get hurt, but the heavier snow makes it more likely.
After skiing we went in for a last of the year hamburger at Royal Street.  It was sunny and warm out on the deck.  A great way to end the year.
So, the 2012-13 season is behind us.  The snow was pretty mediocre and we only got about 30 days in. Just the same, neither of us got hurt.  I managed to breeze through the year without breaking another helmet or getting any more brain damage. We'll call it a success.
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