Thursday, July 18, 2013

Joan comes to visit

This past week we have had a visit from Julie's mom Joan and her close friend Mary-Ellen.  It was a very relaxing time, keeping busy but never rushed.  Lots of evenings were spent out on the deck for Happy Hour and dinner.
We ate out at a variety of places.  One of my favorites was lunch at Royal Street.  We normally have to hike before earning a burger but we made an exception in this case.  We owe Deer Valley one hike.  My God that bison burger is delicious!  A bison patty with maple bacon, Habanero cheese, guacamole, caramelized onions and barbecue sauce.  Yummmmm!
We went to watch the Flying Aces at the Utah Olympic Park.  Julie and I end up there about once a summer, normally with visitors.  You get to watch the Olympic athletes do demonstrations of their ski jumping, but into a pool instead of on snow.
iPhones aren't great for taking photos like this but you can see how high the jumper is above the pool.  They are astounding.
We had a great time together and Joan and Mary-Ellen are back in Michigan.  No sooner than they left, Julie headed out this morning for Washington DC to hang with our niece Kelly.  This weekend it will just be me and the pets....

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