Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A mediocre trip to Antelope Island

I haven't been doing a lot of photography recently.  It just isn't that great right now. I would start considering some fall photos, but this is what the color looks like.  Instead of our normal bright yellows and reds, we are stuck with green turning to a flat brown.
So, off to Antelope Island to get some of the early migratory birds.

This was equally disappointing.  The water that normally comes right up to the causeway was extremely low leaving mud flats for hundreds of yards.  There was only a small stretch with water close enough to shoot and it held only a few gulls.
I did have some better luck with the mammals.  The big male bison were wandering everywhere.  This guy seemed to be heading up to the visitors center in case there were people wondering where to see the bison.  Notice the fake metal bison he is walking past.
This was taken with a wide angle lens from the truck.  Jasper was amazingly well behaved, hanging his head out the window but not doing anything to piss off this behemoth.
Not finding much to shoot, I stopped to smell (and photograph) the flowers.

Pronghorn were almost as common as the bison.  They were out in numbers and hanging out close enough to the road for good photos.
Did I say close to the road?  I meant in the road.

Fortunately the weather was decent and I enjoyed the day with the dog.  Probably one of my worst Antelope Island trips ever though.

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