Saturday, September 28, 2013

First snow of the year

Jasper and I drove mom to the airport and then took a more interesting way home.  We went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, past the Solitude and Breckenridge ski areas, to Guardsman Pass.  This area got about 6 inches of snow, not unusual for September.

You have to like Park City's athletes.  What do they do when it snows?  Drive up the mountain, unload a bunch of mountain bikes, and head off for a ride up Puke Hill.  Insane.
Jasper loves the snow.  I am sure we would have been happier following the bike riders instead of hanging with me.
In the next few pictures, you will see how little patches of Aspen trees had changed to a bright yellow, while others were still very green.  The trick was to wait until a bit of sun lit up the patches of yellow.

Hoping to get some more color over the next few days, even though the snow will all have melted.

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