Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's all about positive attitude

You have to like some people's positive thoughts!  We've had two bad snow years in a row and everyone is hoping for a big improvement this winter.  We would like it for the skiing but we need it to replenish our water supplies.
People throughout Park City put PVC pipes up along the edge of the road so the plows know where push and where to stop.  Otherwise you might find your bushes or lawn plowed into rows for next year's crop.  Most of us use half an 8 foot pipe and that is more than sufficient.  Apparently this guy thinks we are going to have the snow year to end all snow years.  He has 10 foot PVC pipes along his yard.  I'm hoping he's right and those of us with four footers are going to be wondering where the hell they went.

Think snow!
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