Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winter seems to be here

I think winter is finally here, for good.  We got about 6" of snow here at the house and they had closer to a foot over at the resorts.  The temperatures were down around 20 and the snow making equipment was blowing full blast.

I had to blow the driveway for the first time.  We have had snow a few times but you could tell that it would warm back up and melt everything. This time it feels like it's for real.  With the house on the market, I can't leave a half foot of snow in the driveway.
Things I have either done or am about to do:

  • Clean and put away the lawnmower
  • Check the snowblower.  Adjust everything and change the oil.
  • Clean all the chair cushions and put them away
  • Turn on the driveway snow melt system and make sure it works.
  • Turn on the five 220V heat tape circuits
  • Get the snow shovels out
  • Put the ski rack back on top of the truck.
  • Find all my winter and ski clothing.
I wonder what I am forgetting about. This is a non-trivial change.

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