Friday, November 15, 2013

World Cup Speedskating

I've mentioned before how cool it is to be able to see world class sports competitions for free in Park City. Today I had to drive all the way down to Salt Lake City and pay $5 to watch the speedskating competition. What dedication!

I had fun watching quite a few national and world records fall, but I was mostly just enjoying taking pictures.  Last time I went, they were really slack about letting me into the press areas.  Today they had much better guards so I had to take these from less than perfect locations.  Still decent results.
If you like strong thighs and butts wrapped in spandex, both men and women, then speedskating is a great spectator sport.  They are moving too fast during the competition, but I noticed a lot of male and female spectators ogling the athletes as they walked by.

I don't remember much about who was who, so I will skip to the end for a bit of commentary.

 This is Shani Davis, the famous American speed skater. He ended up winning the 1500m.  How can you tell?
 Because with about 300 meters to go, he was grinning from ear to ear.  Not only did he win, but this was the fastest 1500 anywhere this year.

World class entertainment for only $5!

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