Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Muscle Shoals

I went and saw the movie Muscle Shoals on Sunday.  It is a Sundance-selected documentary about Muscle Shoals, Alabama and how the music studios there had an enormous impact on the entire industry.  Not being aware (at all) about the history of the music industry, I was stunned that this little town was so significant.

The recording studios were the original home of little songs like Freebird and Aretha Franklin's RESPECT.  People who record there include The Stones, Leonard Skynard, Wilson Pickett, Elvis Costello, Bono, The Osmonds, Steve Winwood, and dozens (or hundreds) more.  The number of Gold and Platinum records that came from there is mind numbing.

Watch the preview here:  http://www.magpictures.com/muscleshoals/

But more important, if you get a chance to go see it, please do. It is an artsy movie, so you may have to hunt for it.
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