Sunday, November 09, 2014

JW's Gala

Last night we went to John Well's house for a formal get together.  We met John through Rob Schumacher.  John went to the University of Maryland and eventually did what we did, taking a year off from work that suddenly lasts more than a decade. He was just written up in this article in the Park Record.
 As much as it hurts me to think that Christmas lights are up already, this isn't John's house.  John hired a local company called TapSnap to come in for the party.  They use a green screen to capture the pictures and then they can place you on any number of backgrounds.  This one was one of the most popular, but they also had things like the pyramids in Egypt.
Having TapSnap at your party isn't cheap, but I guarantee you they will have a line waiting for photos all night.   They bring all sorts of things to dress up for your photos, but in this case, our masks were part of the party's required attire.

I really liked the masks Julie and I had, but I think Karen had those most interesting!
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