Sunday, November 30, 2014

Living in nature - kinda gross

I take lots of photos of nature when it is at its prettiest.  Sometimes nature just doesn't work that way though.  The other day Jasper and I were out for a walk when he wandered off and started sniffing something.  It turned out it was a dead deer, not that far behind our house.  It had already been snacked on, so I couldn't tell the cause of death.  Over the next few days, I saw a lot of Magpies flying around, doing their scavenger thing.  Then one morning I saw that something had dragged what was left down to our front porch.

There were several chunks that looked like this.  Picked over so there was no meat left.

And then I found the deer's head down at our retaining wall.
I know that nature involves things constantly being born and dying, that whole circle of life,  but I would like to request that nature find someplace other than our front steps to deposit the carcasses.  Yuck!

Before anyone else saw the mess, I put it in a garbage bag and into the trash bin.
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