Sunday, November 23, 2014

Welcome ski season!

Park City Mountain Resort, now under the control and ownership of Vail, opened yesterday to huge crowds.  Unfortunately, we don't have much snow yet, so all those people packed on to 3 or 4 runs.  Yuck! 

To help nudge the ski season along, we got a decent snow last night and we should get another 4-6" tonight.  The Park City skiers are happy, but no one is as happy as the local dog population. With a big wind last night, some of the drifts were about a Jasper high.
 A snow bank is truly is happy place.
 I walked around to check on our ex-house to make sure everything was OK.  Jasper was exuberant, probably hoping that we were going to run the snow blower. What you can't see is that I am even more exuberant knowing that I don't have to blow the snow!  On those windy days, 6" of snow piles up to 1-2 feet on the north side of the house. 
Maybe I'll get out for a quick ski run this week, avoiding the opening weekend crowds.  Canyons opens soon and Deer Valley opens in two weeks.

Think SNOW!
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