Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving dinner

This year, we didn't have family in town for Thanksgiving and most of our friends were on the road somewhere.  We decided to have some nice restaurant provide us with turkey dinner instead of Julie slaving for two days.  We started with our default, Stein Erikson's buffet.  We had a reservation, but we also had reservations about our reservation.  It is fabulous but you eat your weight in food and at quite a price.  We eventually changed to Ruth's Chris.  They had a simple three course meal.  It was the perfect amount of food, all cooked to perfection. 

But then we discovered the best part, they send you home with leftovers!  We had already discussed the downside of eating out, but I guess they had heard that enough times and fixed it.  The picture below is from home, eating our doggie bag leftovers. Another great turkey meal!
Park Citians, if you are looking for a Thanksgiving meal out, I give Ruth's Chris 2 thumbs up!
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