Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another day, another hike

We headed up into the Uintah mountains this morning for a hike on the Lofty Lake Trail. Jim is giving Jasper some love while Bill looks on. Fortunately, this was near the highest point of the hike. All down hill from here.

How did Jasper get in every picture? Here he is with Loris and Julie.

... and of course, Jasper with Hollie, the Benson's dog. We keep trying to get Jasper and Holly to be a couple, but Jasper hasn't bought in yet.

Julie, with the valley in the background. You can see one of the many lakes in the area. It's quite lovely. And quite rocky.

The hiking was up around 10,000 feet, so it was nice and cool. A wonderful day!
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