Friday, August 29, 2008

Midway Swiss Days

Julie and I went over to Midway today. It is a little town about 20 minutes from Park City that got started with buildings with a Swiss architecture. It makes for a quaint little place. This time each year, they have the Swiss Days Festival. This is mostly a giant outdoor Arts and Craps Festival. That wasn't a typo. They have a lot of nice stuff at good prices, and then they have a lot of crap.

Mostly what amazed me is that they have a LOT of people. This was a quick iPhone snapshot looking down one of the rows. Wall to wall people. And lots of buying, not just browsing. Julie got a few things but I didn't fair well at either art or crap. I was much better at just people watching. They had shuttle bus loads coming up from both Salt Lake City and Provo.

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