Saturday, August 09, 2008

What are those grey things?

After having sunny days almost all summer long, we have finally started getting some monsoon rains. Today we had a few batches of hail, but yesterday was just rain. The Covaleski's, Benson's and Joyce's headed up to Guardsman's Pass to do some hiking.

We seemed to lose the trail in a big way, but that lead to some wandering through the meadows.

Double-click on this picture to see all the flowers. They were in bloom everywhere!

After finally finding the trail again, we got to the top of the ridge. The views were awesome, but it started raining a bit harder so we headed back to the cars.

Notice that Holly Benson ( a chocolate lab) and Jasper Joyce (a stylish mutt) were with us. Jasper is wearing the latest in "Carry Your Own Damn Stuff" fashion.

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