Friday, August 01, 2008


Lots of things are stirring around town, and I have been getting off my butt to go be a part.

This is my lovely wife Julie as we walk down into town for $3 fish tacos at Jean Louis'. You just can't beat it for a good deal. Then you have to walk the mile and a half back home (serious uphill) to work off the yummy tacos. We were joined by the Benson's and Jim Covaleski.

Jim, Julie and I did a fairly hard 7 mile hike yesterday. Good exercise, but it wailed on Julie's back. Bummer. This was the first longer hike I have done in a while.

So, back in the groove for hiking and losing weight, Jasper and I took off on a 12 mile hike today. We went over to Park City Mountain Resort and took off to the top of the mountain. A nice view of the valley from about halfway up.

The reason we went over there was to watch the helicopter hauling and pouring concrete. PCMR is putting in a new ski lift and they have to pour some heavy duty footings for the lift towers. This means lots and lots of trips with one bucket of concrete at a time. Fun to watch!

At the end of the hike, the dog collapsed in a heap. I am not far behind him.

The big event for the weekend is the annual Park City Art Festival. About 40,000 people come in for it. We plan to walk down this evening and then probably head back tomorrow morning.

Nothing says big event in Park City like a thousand "no parking" barriers. They're everywhere.

As Jasper and I got our hike started, we saw a few of the artists already getting set up. I thought the big yard art was pretty cool. More pictures from the festival later.

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