Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bits and pieces

We are busy getting ready to head back to NC. We get back at the end of next week. It is always a fair amount of work to close up the house.

I played in a golf tournament this weekend. In case there is any question, I still stink at golf. Now I can show it quantitatively. Take my normal mediocre game and mix in some tension and anxiety from the competition and you get a very high number.

Jasper loves trips to the Home Depot. We drive down a frontage road. On one side is the highway, on the other side a big pasture. The only animals I ever see in the pasture are lamas (or alpacas?) and miniature donkeys. Jasper loves both and is always watching for them. Yesterday we stopped and got out of the truck. The lamas are as curious about Jasper as he is about them. Them came wandering over to check him out.

About half the ones in the field were young ones. The were cute, fluffy and quite curious, but the adults were smart enough to keep them away from the fence and the bouncy dog.

How do you tell an alpaca from a lama?
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