Monday, September 01, 2008

A dramatic transition to Fall

We have been enjoying a nice summer here in Park City. On Saturday, it got up to 98 in Salt Lake City, hitting 83 here on our side of the mountains. Then Sunday roared in. We, along with probably 7000 other people, had tickets to a Bob Dylan concert over at Deer Valley. After less than an inch of rain all summer, it waits until about an hour before the concert (outdoors of course), and lets loose. It felt like a good NC thunderstorm, which we rarely have out here. Just to make the air feel more like fall, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees after the storm had soaked everyone. Now we get to listen to Bob in 46 degree, breezy weather, wet. The concert was good, but when it started raining again, we left early. We did get to hear about an hour and a half though.

This shot was taken during the nice time, when the rain had moved off for a while.

Didn't grab a photo of it, but there was some snow up at the top of the higher mountains this morning and our high today is soaring to 54. Summer is no more.
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