Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The end of summer

If you listen to the meteorologists, they say summer ends September 1st (for record keeping). Others look to the fall equinox. Parents think about school starting. For Julie and I, summer ends when we get on a plane and head back to Raleigh. Today is the end of summer.

In Park City, the leaves are just beginning to change and we haven't seen any snow other than one storm that dusted the highest peaks. Last year, our first good snow was September 24th. Of course, we did have two snows this June.

A quick recap of the summer:

Visitors: only two visits this summer, which was a good thing given how much "new house" stuff we still had to do.
The house: I think it has really become our home now
  • The punch list is down to zero and all the construction costs have been paid. Everything from here on must be maintenance.
  • Julie has done a good job of decorating with art, floral arrangements, pretty mirrors, and some of my photography.
The condo: Damn thing didn't sell
  • One written offer, but a crappy low ball
  • Finally found some nice renters, giving us some income. We can try again in a year or two.
My Health: Yeah! Best year in forever
  • Dropped my weight from 188.6 (yes, the scale does tenths) to 171.2. I actually saw the 160's on an occasional day. I think that last time I saw that was 1986.
  • Failed miserably at the 100 push ups project, but I have gone from 20 to 40. I will not give up!
Activities: Lost of things to see and do in Park City.
  • Saw The Police, Bob Dylan, the Mormon Tabernacle, and numerous local bands.
  • Lots of hiking. Some just local. Some more adventurous.
  • Grilling out. Eating out. Drinking lots of wine.
  • Trekked to Annapolis for an awesome birthday party.
  • Golfing, although I will always be mediocre.
Yet another wonderful summer. The only downside was how amazingly fast it flew by.

Off to Raleigh!!!!
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