Sunday, September 21, 2008

A bodacious football game

First, is bodacious a word, and if so, is that the correct spelling?

Julie and I went to the NC State vs. East Carolina football game. With our two extra tickets, we brought along two neighbors, Barbie Reid and Brook Shaffer. Brook hadn't been to a college football game in many years, so it was a bit of an adventure.

ECU came in 15th in the country, having already beaten ranked Virginia Tech and then crushing #8 West Virginia. I was amazed that they were only favored by 7, given that we had already been whooped twice this year. The game stayed tight and NC State scored in the last minute to tie it up and send it into overtime, where we promptly beat them. There were a lot of very, very sad ECU fans making the long drive home.

No cheering is complete without a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Wuf. They seem to do much better in mascot competitions than we do in football.

A great win. Great company. A nice way to get welcomed back to Raleigh!
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