Monday, November 17, 2008

Football Saturday

How does it know to rain on football Saturday's? We seem to keep running into these, even though the weather has been drier than normal for late October and November. Julie and our friend Liz Hervatic wisely decided to blow off the opportunity to sit through rain and watch the game.

Mark Reid (neighbor) and Darrel Baber (college roommate) had no such fears. With beer, Bojangles and football, we are invincible. For those of you outside the Southeast, Bojangle's is like KFC only better. The chicken is quite spicy and the biscuits are delicious. If you are hungry and see one, give it a try (but don't think about your health).

NC State was playing Wake Forest, who was ranked in the top 25 and favored to beat us. But even a Baptist school can't stand up to such a clear mesaage from God. This is our practice field tower at the bottom of a rainbow.

Sure enough, NC State wins in the last few minutes of the game. Wake has two opportunities to try and retake the lead, but amazingly, State's defense held them both times.

Again, I think this was God telling us that all was right on football Saturday. What a gorgeous sunset.

One parting shot. If beating Wake wasn't enough, here is a picture of a SUV with a Wake Forest sticker. They had parked right next to us at the game, but without one of the magic parking passes that says that it is OK. The heavy set man on the left? That would be Mr. Tow Truck driver. Bye bye!

Now it gets more important and harder. Our last two games are Carolina (at UNC) and Miami (at home). The main goal is to beat Carolina and screw up any hopes they have of making it to the ACC Championship game. If we beat them, then a win over Miami would make NCSU bowl eligble with 6 wins. I'm not counting us out, but I'm sure not holding my breath either.

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